I am Dr. Priyanka Harjule, I have done my PhD from MNIT Jaipur in Applied Mathematics in fractional calculus under the prestigious Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP-II) fellowship. Currently I am working as Assistant Professor in the Department of mathematics, MNIT Jaipur. Before Joining MNIT, I worked at Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Kota, as Assistant Professor for two years. During my time at IIIT Kota I have established and set up an e-learning and data analytics lab (elda lab). Currently I am also the coordinator for Centre for e-learning (CeL) at the Information and Communication Centre, MNIT Jaipur.

In the last two years I have worked and published in reputed Journals on development of fractional derivative masks for texture enhancement of medical images and development of fractional order models for viscoelasticity in lung tissues. I have also published papers related to COVID-19 research which includes mathematical modelling for evolution of COVID-19 pandemic in India, Impact of online education on the mental health and anxiety levels of school children and their parents in India and finally investigated the causes and impact of misinformation sharing amongst college students during COVID-19 pandemic in India. I have recently been granted a patent (Patent No. 2020103810) on Method for Detecting Fake News from the Australian Government.

I have also worked on text classification problems with different machine learning classifiers. My recent research work includes analysis of survey data on online education using various statistical techniques. I am a lifetime member of Society for Special Functions and their applications (SSFA). My research interests include Special functions, Fractional calculus, Mathematical and statistical Modelling, Machine learning and Image Processing.